Mobile technology and its impact on e‐commerce sample essay

Monday, 18 May 2015.

Electronic commerce plays an important role in the world. However, applications and technologies switch to mobile computers and wireless networks.  While this is true, these achievements have also caused you problems, especially those related to wireless e-commerce. Because of changing customer preferences, the development of these applications is a continuous process that will satisfy the market. Mobile e-commerce, which uses portable devices for business transplantation, is becoming a major part of human life. Portable computers include portable computers, mobile phones and interfaces installed on the vehicle (Lamersdorf 243)

The only requirement for mobile e-commerce is access to a mobile wireless network that is Web or WAP-enabled (Lamersdorf 255). It should be noted that phones and other port-size gadgets have limitations, including little memory, small screens, and more than one input device. They do not have traditional computer keyboards and have limited text strings and symbolic records. On the contrary, laptop computers support many devices, have huge storage containers, have traditional keyboards and have large screens

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The main problem for manufacturers is to determine the most efficient way to use applications to access information through gadgets. For this reason, manufacturers should return to the software and operating systems for a number of platforms. Portable devices can support applications including Palm PalmOS, Microsoft Pocket PC OS, WAP, SMS, Web, and I-node. Although some of these applications meet the needs of most users, they have limited functionality. Therefore, manufacturers and application developers have the task of improving the functionality of these devices to enhance their capabilities (McConnell, Merz, and Maesano 370)

Thus, mobile e-commerce refers to businesses that carry out activities in the sphere of consumer behavior, as well as conduct mobile development operations with the help of wireless technology. Today, most people in the world own mobile phones, mostly rely on wireless technology. Other devices allow you to work with voice messages while others focus on non-voice functionality, such as viewing videos, geographic location data, reading letters, and Internet access (McConnell, Merz & Maesano 378). This led to a change in the buyer’s payment market. With these devices, electronic commerce is easier and more convenient throughout the world. With the development of mobile electronic commerce, there is a mass production of phones, improved technologies and available data prices. That's why now you can easily apply to a professional essay service with the request "" You will get quick, and quality results since professional writers work in such services. This is a great opportunity for a student to solve any problems that are related to writing. They have contributed to the more use of mobile data than in previous years

Mobile e-commerce has also led to consumer gains and consumer protection. They include mobile payments and banking services, premium services, mobile purchases and mobile marketing, but several. With premium services, users buy digital content and electronic information via text messages, where costs are added to the cost of a mobile phone (Tsalgatidou 252). Examples of free SMS services are horoscopes, SMS voting system, flight status alerts and websites. The development of wireless networks has improved the transmission of data and improved display capabilities on handheld devices. They also have a good calculated capacity that contributes to the development of Internet services (Tsalgatidou 276). Today there are information portals that offer a wide range of free services, such as downloads, videos and ringtones. It is therefore clear that the mobile content has undergone massive changes in order to meet changing market demands. With the help of mobile payments and banking services, financial institutions offer bank deposits for online clients. You can also pay for one of the most popular essay writing services It's very convenient because you don't need to spend a lot of time to do it. With this platform, the customer can view the balance of account and the latest transactions over the telephone. On the other hand, mobile payment programs allow clients to make text payments, where companies offer traditional trusted services over the Internet, expanding the functionality of the device. Oftentimes improves privacy through encryption and public key management (Nickerson and Warkentin 440)

In addition to the benefits listed above, wireless applications and technologies have a number of advantages in e-commerce worldwide. The lack of standardization of mobile devices worldwide is a serious problem. Mobile devices vary from country to country and even within a given country. Inequity in access to and access to wireless technologies also affects mobile e-commerce in the world. It is clear that in some countries the demand for mobile devices is small. In Japan and Europe, for example, demand for mobile devices is higher than in the US (Tsalgatidou 268). Very few Americans use wireless devices compared to people in Europe and Asia. Americans also have a lower level of use than Asians and Europeans. The experts note that demand for critical levels in 3G will be lower, hindering the development of e-commerce in the affected countries

Finally, technology development has played a major role in the development of mobile e-commerce. Today, millions of people around the world depend on this technology to work with businesses. When moving fast on wireless devices, you must ensure that the devices function correctly. It is also necessary to develop wireless communication with high bandwidth in accordance with the requirements of mobile e-commerce and wireless applications

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