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Wednesday, 20 May 2015.

The American Red Cross is an interesting organization. It is very popular and highly recognized in the country. This is the result of the work done by the organization in times of natural disasters in various parts of the country when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. The American Red Cross is at a central stage when it comes to raising funds for the recent humanitarian crisis in the Philippines. His humanitarian work is what I really care about. Thus, I will study the organization with the aim of becoming one of its volunteers

The American Red Cross was founded by Clara Burton in 1881 in Washington, D.C. Burton was affected by the global movement of the Red Cross, which was inspired by the Swiss during his visit to Europe. When she returned to America, she campaigned for the organization. During her resignation, Clara Burton was the head of the American Red Cross for 23 years. In 1900, the organization received the Charter of Congress and the second received five years later. Since the outbreak of the First World War, the membership of the organization has grown exponentially (American Red Cross 1)

The American Red Cross is a charitable organization that relies mainly on volunteers to carry out its activities. It performs important functions in the community. The organization aims to shelter, feed and provide advice to victims of natural disasters throughout the country. It also helps in the collection and provision of nearly half of America’s blood supply. It also teaches life, as well as the skills necessary to help members of society who are interested in it. The organization is also empowered to support members of the armed forces and their families. On the other hand, it also has a higher level, offering material and emotional support to people affected by natural disasters

The Red Cross operates on the basis of an open-door policy. This is done by assisting those exposed to trauma following natural disasters. It provides them with emotional support; support through the provision of advisory services and urgent material needs. The body also helps patients who have been hospitalized by collecting blood all over the country. It also assists military personnel by integrating them into the local community after performing their duties. It also supports the families of those in the army by providing them with the support they need

The American Red Cross serves different purposes (what is the purpose of the American Red Cross? (1) One of the aims of the organization is to ensure the availability of community services at the local level. It also aims to provide international assistance to people in need. It seeks to prepare the population for emergency situations

The organization provides disaster relief services through the use of volunteers to assist in the construction of temporary shelters and food distribution. It also seeks to mobilize funds for the procurement of supplies for victims of natural disasters. The American Red Cross offers support to local people who are suffering from poverty. It plays this role by launching and operating centres for the homeless in which the poor can get sleep and food. The organization also offers mental health and financial services to those who need it

With regard to the military, the organization supports them, ensures that separated families can remain in contact. It provides a means of communication between the employees who are in the service and their families (Matza). The American Red Cross is one of the main providers of blood in health facilities. It also collects blood by organizing blood donations across the country. In fact, statistics show that about four million Americans donate blood each year through the organization

The American Red Cross is mainly focused on international aid (American Red Cross donates $6 million)

The Red Cross plays an important role in disaster prevention and management. It has a large number of training programmes. The organization trains people in disaster management and first aid. The training also includes aspects related to the regime of work in times of crisis. Training is important because it helps to prevent panic in the event of natural disasters. In such cases, many people lose their lives as a result of the panic that results from the stammies. Life tools can be preserved if people remain calm in situations of pressure

The activities carried out by the members of the American Red Cross vary and depend on these conditions. Members of the organization to receive blood donations, distributed leaflets showing the place and time for blood work. The organization sends its members to process the collection of blood in the various centres. These representatives help to welcome the registration of donors. Those who have experience in the field of medical education carry out the process of collecting blood. The members of the organization are mediators and offer training in public safety and disaster management. In addition, they also launched local shelters and assisted in collecting and transporting donations to the collection end points

Members of the Red Cross are direct advisers to the victims of natural disasters. They also offer first aid services to those affected by crises. Members can voluntarily contribute to the distribution of relief worldwide. This occurs when disasters are important because local institutions cannot maintain their own forces. Members of the Committee carry out awareness-raising campaigns to inform the general population about the activities of the American Red Cross and the recruitment of new staff

The members of the organization also assist in the dissemination of information received from military personnel to their families at home. They may contact the heads of the Red Cross in the various countries with which American forces are in conflict to receive information from prisoners of war. Since the Red Cross is not politically motivated, its members may enter the war zones without being tested. Combatants provide safe conduct for members of the Red Cross. This is important for prisoners of war to receive the care they need. Members of the organization also play an important role in organizing public initiatives such as improving safety and health conditions

The main task of the Red Cross is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in times of emergency. However, the scale of human suffering is diverse. Because of this, the organization requires volunteers from different fields. He needs mental health professionals to provide advice to victims of natural disasters. The Red Cross collects a substantial amount of money from volunteers. Therefore, volunteers with financial experience are required to assist in the accounting of the collected funds. The organization offered the first line of assistance to victims of natural disasters, and doctors should therefore be involved in that mandate

Donations collected from the funds of the funds are to be transported. This means that the organization requires volunteers with experience in towing. In addition, the blood needs medical specialists who are also ready to give blood. There are only some examples of volunteers that need to be organized. In conclusion, the American Red Crescent requires any healthy adult who has a passion for help. The professional background is not covered in this drive. Instead, it enriches the organization, as diverse talents can always find the area to be appropriate in the organization

More than 95% of the American Red Cross workforce is composed of volunteers. As a result, the types of people who work for the organization are derived from different categories and with different qualifications. The organization received a small core of permanent staff. These are people who are passionate about a humanitarian cause. In addition, volunteers have different qualifications that help them to work in the areas in which they are familiar. The American Red Cross is a national authority with presence in all states. In fact, his presence is also felt in the counties and the local communities in which he provides the necessary care

I have experience in accounting and records management. I believe that if I have a chance to join the American Red Cross, I will be able to contribute to the organization in a way that is beneficial. I can help in the blood drive by setting up the tents in a friendly and hospitable manner to attract more people to give blood. In addition, I can help the local Red Cross office by offering its accounting expertise to help balance the books. Based on my experience in office management, I can also volunteer to run a front office at the local Red Cross

I can also voluntarily take measures to raise awareness of the organization’s activities. This may help to raise awareness of the work of the organization in my city. Through this outreach, I believe that I can convince quite a lot of people to volunteer their work in the American Red Cross. I believe that the organization needs more local offices to facilitate access to people. If I get the chance, I will first suggest you create a local office. I’m sure I can create and run a new office for the American Red Cross

I believe that the work of the organization will have a positive impact on my life. Working with people who urgently need help is a step towards the development of a sense of direction. I’ve spent my entire life in a similar environment, surrounded by friends. Work for the American Red Cross is an opportunity to learn a lot. This will allow me to meet new people in the new conditions, as well as to meet new people. Volunteering with the organization will give me the opportunity to travel around the country. If I am lucky, I might even be able to travel abroad for a humanitarian mission. It’s a great experience enriched by life

My terms of working with the American Red Cross will be based on volunteers. However, it is possible that my professional skills are an accountant, as well as volunteer activities in the organization. This can be an excellent opportunity to expand my professional competence by acquiring experience in the field. In addition, it will also help me become the best accountant and office manager. The volunteer work gives me an opportunity to improve my career prospects as a result of the experience I can get that can be included in my curriculum

I have a desire to help others. I’m open and very kind. I have the opportunity to empinize the people who are in trouble. So I think that if I have the opportunity to interact with people who are facing problems, I can be inspired in their lives. People who are going through hard times require understanding and empathy. These are the attributes that I think I can transmit. On the basis of what I have in accounting, I can help people who face difficult economic circumstances to make the economic choices more advantageous at this time

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